Lisa + Teddy

Fun fact: Lisa and Teddy live just a couple of blocks away. Before we met to talk about their wedding, Lisa sent me a photo of the two of them. I was walking home from yoga one day, and passed the nail salon I walk by almost every day. Lisa was inside sitting by the door. I knew it was her because of the photo she sent, but I didn’t say hi because we hadn’t met yet. I didn’t want to be a creep. hahah. It made me wonder about all the other times we’d probably seen each other, not knowing that we’d work together in the future.

Weeks later, I photographed her and Teddy at their beautiful apartment. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…I love photographing my couples inside their home/surrounding environment. It puts me in a shooting high. Also, Teddy and Lisa are so nice and chill. We laughed, and ended the session walking around our neighborhood together.

I love these images! One of my favorite sessions to date, and I am excited to share them with you 


  • anda says:

    YESSSS. I love how you shot this right in your ‘hood. You seem right at home with them and their (and your) surroundings. They seem right at home with you and your camera. Beautiful.

  • Andrea says:


  • Chris says:

    Wonderful shoot, love!

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